Judging Criteria

  1. Innovation (25%)
    – Creativity and innovation in utilizing human and capital resources to address a social need
    – Clear market differentiation from competitors and unique market position
  2. Social Impact (25%)
    – Clear definition, understanding and solution for social challenge
    – Full integration of social impact into business model – impact scales as business scales
    – Long term vision for social change – does not simply satisfy an immediate social need
  3. Commercial Potential (25%)
    – Realistically defined business model and funding strategy
    – Demonstrates potential for financial sustainability and profitability
  4. Feasibility and Scalability (25%)
    – Feasibility in executing the product / service and getting it out to the market
    – Scalability across different demographic, geographic and market settings
    – Potential for cross-sector partnerships
    – Proprietary position that offers high potential for substantial growth and impact


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