This year, we are thrilled to have received over a hundred entries from all across Asia. Among all entries, our judges have selected three winners from each of the Hong Kong Region and Other Asian Cities category.

Hong Kong Region Winners

Terry Li
Teenagers in Hong Kong buy a new mobile phone every 600 days but the intention to recycle the old one is hindered by the lack of a systematic channel. ReMob’s goal is to encourage the recycling of unused mobile phone by providing a convenient online platform. On ReMob, objective prices of different models, classified by functioning and malfunctioning, are shown. We will provide a padded envelope upon application. Once we receive the mobile phone, we will check it and pay for it online within 24 hours. Functioning phone will be sold to developing countries while malfunctioning phones will be recycled.

Terry is a student at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology reading business administration and information systems. He is a logical Christian would loves to travel and involved in founding startups. His ambition is to make the world better, as he belives not everyone’s life is as good as his. He thinks that social enterprise is the best place for him to realize his goal.

Stanley Chan
Jail Experience Hall
The idea is to convey positive moral values to the youth through a prison experential tour. The tour would place youths in a mock-up jail environment for them to experience the life of a prisoner.

Stanley is a year 2 BBA student from the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology pursuing a double-major in Professional Accounting and Information Systems. He is also a member of SIFE-HKUST team, and is working on a project related to paper waste recycling.

Freddy Law
Horizon Grant
A programme that subsidises marginalised youths to take a service-based gap year in a developing country. Hong Kong is one of the wealthiest city around the world. Our HK youth just did not realize how lucky they are. We need to let them open their mind; broaden their horizon and take an action, in order to build their positive attitude to appreciate their own lives and believe in themselves that they are able to make a difference on their own life and other lives. “Horizon Grant” is grant provided by a foundation providing $20,000 for a potentially marginalized youth aged 15-20, apart from providing the youth a ticket and subsidy to a developing world for a year, it also lines up with a local NGO that needs a labor to help, young people would open their eyes, mind and heart to understand the world by first hand experience, it is definitely life-changing.

Freddy Law is the founder and director of Inter Cultural Education - a social enterprise nurturing global talents - and he is a founding director of Social Investors Club. Previously, he was a management trainee at Google, Inc.

Other Asian Cities Winners

Cheng Yin
Let's Help Together
The idea is to employ single mothers, mature and elderly women to take care of unsupported eldery within the community. It would create a win-win situation of providing a stable job for women and at the same time tackling the problem of an aging population.

Cheng Yin works for an NGO. Her interests include taking care of homeless pets and to watch movies with the elderly. She believes that everyone can change something in this world and change would make life better.

Teddy Wang
Enterprise Helping Lost Youths

Youth will not be lost if they are integrated into society. A group society is like a river while deviant youths are oil, being isolated. Enterprises could help to bring them back into the society. The idea is to set up employ lost youth in enterprises that accept outsourced design work. Lost youth would be rewarded with dream items, and at the same time acquire skills.

Stanlet is an R&D engineer also founded a company that manufactures LED lamps in Taoyuan, Taiwan. He obtained his masters degree in National Chiao Tung University.

Waye Phang
Community Time Bank
Every people will grow old, and the most important concept of “Age Bank” is to help ourselves and help others. Those middle-aged who have spare time (like retirees) can help the very elderly through the introduction of the social enterprise, and they rack up hours---they can withdraw in their golden years as the next generation takes care of them. The enterprise charges the elderly a handling fee, part of which is the Supplementary Pension for the people who care, and the remaining is used for the operation of the business.

Waye is a girl from 2012' Finance, Lingnan College, Sun Yat-sen University. She loves life and appreciate everything, and has a sense of social responsibility. She always believe in “no matter how distant the journey is, we will finish walking step by step.”

Best Multimedia Award

Elderly Alive Musuem
Elderly Alive Musuem

A group of students from the Hong Kong Design Institute studying advertising design. The group aims to revitalise elders in Hong Kong.

Other Featured Shortlisted Entries

Roy Chan
The Green Recycling Machine
“The Green Recycling Machine” is simple high-tech green recycling kiosk set up to recycle aluminum cans, bottles, glass, and plastics in exchange for cash or rewards that can be redeemed at any “Park n Shop” or “Wellcome” stores. Participants will push a couple buttons on a screen, scan a bottle and deposit it into a trap door.

Roy Chan is a strong believer in sustainable living. He is currently a postgraduate student in Higher Education at The University of Hong Kong and serves as a Sustainability Intern for the HKU Estates Office. Roy is from Los Angeles California, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Irvine. He was a recipient of the 2009 National Excellence in Leadership Award.

Oliver Risse
Greenlots is Asia’s leading provider of charging networks for electric vehicles. Our aim is to offer a web-based charging network for every city, which is easy to use and inexpensive to set up. We’ve designed Greenlots charging networks to be:

Oliver was the founder and Managing Director of Conergy AG’s Asia Pacific operations. He joined the Conergy Group, a leading German renewable energy enterprise in 2001, as project engineer for large-scale photovoltaic power plants. Among his major achievements was the development and site management of the power plant in Hemau, Germany – the world’s largest photovaltic construction project at the time.

Ho King Hay
Brain Back
Our project aims at collecting used and unwanted computers from schools, government departments, companies and individuals. Then trains NEETs (Not currently engaged in Employment, Education or Training) that have great interest in computer to recycle and reproduce computers and selling the computer to students from low income families.

King Hay is a year 2 student of Chinese University of Hong Kong reading business administration. Understanding the limitation of the business world, I have joined SIFE, hoping to make our society a better place.

Megan Chen
Tree-hugger Award
The “Tree-hugger Award” is recognition of eco-friendliness. To receive this award, businesses and institutions must comply with the standardized 25.5 degree indoor temperature requirement (which may be adjusted with reason). Tree-hugging employees or volunteers will conduct surprise spot-checks using certified thermometers. The government and eco-friendly businesses can show their support by funding or sponsoring this project. Results of the checks will be published.

Born in Australia, Megan’s love for nature and wildlife began early. Raised in Hong Kong, she observes that environment conservation is inadequate but has enormous growth potential. She enjoys contributing her two cents about conservation among peers and is particularly interested in how eating habits affect the environment.

Youth Outreach
All-night Net Walker
All-night Net Walker is a new initiative project of Youth Outreach in which outreaching workers who go out in vans after ten at night scouring the streets of Hong Kong for under-aged “Runaways & Throwaways”. With the changing social landscape and the increasing concerns of Otaku (Hideaways), the project targets to connect with these individuals and brings them back to the society.

Youth Outreach was founded in 1991 to provide comprehensive crisis intervention and residential services to marginal youth who for whatever reason are unable or unwilling to go home at night and hanging around on the streets. Our 24 hour operated drop-in centre (The Hang Out) and all night outreaching team going out at night to places where runaways gather and avoid them from the approach of the triads or other unsavory elements on the streets.

Congratulations to all the winners and shortlisted ideas! Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at info @!
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