Award Overview

Selected finalists will have the opportunity to showcase their startups, gain new insights and expand their networks to achieve greater social impact in Hong Kong.

Impact Area

ASIA 2018-19 “Impact of Things” targets startups addressing any of the following 10 Impact Areas:

Restore Ladders – Alleviating poverty & improving livelihoods
Housing and space – Alternative housing, reimagining the use of public/private spaces
Inclusive society – Enhancing social inclusion, diversity and equality
Rethink Learning– Transforming education and innovating the way we learn
Health and Wellness – Medical, preventive care, healthy lifestyle, aging, end of life
Wisdom City – Sharing economy & community
Global Citizenship – Advocating a ‘WE mindset” to solve global issues
Sustainable Living – Promoting sustainable development, tackling climate change and environmental challenges
Shape Culture – Expanding the influence of art / media and nurturing creativity
Your Impact Area – Others

What We Offer

Grand Prize
Recognizing a startup in any category demonstrating excellent innovation in creating social impact with commercial potential and scalability.

Learning Innovation Award
by Peterson Group

Recognizing a startup in the ‘Rethink Learning’ category who show significant innovation and potential to transform education and learning.

Health Impact Award
by Johnson & Johnson

Recognizing a startup in the “Health & Wellness” category that seeks to provide better access to care in communities while promoting a culture of health and well-being.


– Live Demonstration to 4,000+ audience
– Pitch to industry experts, corporates and investors
– Startup exchange
– High-impact Mentorship
– Startup incubation and network support from regional partners
– Exclusive listing on AVPN Deal Share Platform
– Social startup tour in Hong Kong
…and more!

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